Casino adventure/Interactive casino FAQ

While players will always have a soft spot for the classic side of online casino gaming, it is safe to that the industry as moved on from the image it presented in the late 1990s. These days’ online casino gaming is no longer seen as just a form of gambling, it is seen as a form of 21st century of digital entertainment. As the audience for the old fashioned style of play dwindles, the group of players who clamber for something more relevant is growing. Making sure that this portion of the market gets what they’re after; a brand new concept has emerged from within the online casino landscape. Casino adventure games (sometimes listed as an interactive casino games) are the newest trend to appear, with Casumo and CasinoHeroes leading the way when it comes to their popularisation. Those who would like to try out the idea but aren’t sure how have come to the right place. The following is an in-depth casino adventure game FAQ, which will give you the answers that you’ve been look for.

What exactly is a casino adventure game/interactive casino game?

If you’ve ever played a massive multiplayer online (MMO) video game you will already have some level of familiarity with the online casino adventure concept. This is because they adopt a very similar playing framework. No longer limiting player to the single game concept, it works off of a cumulative setup that means players continued progress is rewarded. Upon registration at a site like CasinoHeroes a player will be issued with a character (or avatar), this is what will represent the player when partaking in the story. From then on it is up to players to conquer challenges and move through the levels put in from of them. It is clear that the genre of online casino gaming had stagnated in recent years, with this new concept all set to give it an overdue shot in the arm. You can read more about exactly how this works in the review of CasinoHeroes at

Is casino adventure gaming just another flimsy gimmick?

Given its laid-back appearance you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the case, but it certainly isn’t. This new concept first appeared back in 2012 and hardly lit the world alight, but since then a lot of time and money has been thrown behind the idea. The concerns that the idea wouldn’t be able to find a loyal mainstream audience have all but been banished, with Casumo and CasinoHeroes member numbers only growing during 2015. It is now clear from a marketing perspective that casino adventure gaming has some serious financial muscle behind it.

Where can I find the best casino adventure games?

This is where an online casino portal comes into its own, as you’ll find that these websites display the best of the best when it comes to casino adventure games. Now it must be said that this idea is still very young, as it only has three years of life behind it, so variety isn’t going to be available in abundance. Saying that, there are certainly quality experiences to be found. If you truly want the very best casino adventure game experience that money can by, it is recommended that you cast your eye over toward CasinoHeroes. This name is considered to be the frontrunner as far as casino adventure gaming is concerned.